Shape vision.


Before and during any project, the design vision is being shaped. This vision is chiseled into a clearer idea, goal, or purpose. Having this long-term understanding will allow the visual elements to become more intentional and convincing.

Build design.


Let's make sure we have the right tools. Software and devices are important, but equally so is the use of pencils, paper, various media and a design eye. With these tools, we can then take visual risks by exploring uncharted territory to build unique and beautifully finessed design. The design solve to every project should always be clear, compelling and useful.

Craft typography.


From one-word signage, to a small digital ad, to an annual report, well-crafted typography maintains the integrity and structure of every design project and brand. Typography is the skeleton that upholds the visual body, giving shape from the inside out.


I collaborate with brands and agencies to craft meaningful, unique design. As a partner, I am committed to understanding your needs, and working with you to create the best visual solution. After graduating from CalArts with a BFA in graphic design, and working in the industry, I have realized the importance of uplifting others with design. Piper Weaver, LLC was established in 2016 with that guiding vision.



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